the black community is mad.
let us tell you why.

every day gun violence is destroying parts of America. men and women of color in urban cities like Chicago, Boston, and Newark, N.J., live daily in fear of their lives as gun-related homicides become as common as grocery shopping. some believe the increase in gun violence in our communities is akin to a national crisis - and that it should be treated as such.

as if the epidemic rates of gun violence weren't enough, communities of color continue to battle with educational and health disparities that keep them living and dying in poverty.

and let's have a conversation about the break down of the black family, which includes rising numbers of children being raised in single-parent households or by someone other than their parents and double-digit unemployment rates in communities of color.

it's time for change.
the juice crü is the change.

the juice crü, a social justice training program founded on the principle that everyone has the power to create change, will bring the change that is needed. the lifestyle-based program will build bridges between those educated in the ivory towers and those educated by the School of Hard Knocks .

the juice crü will start as an online, social movement to build buzz and the to begin building a network of leaders around the country who are committed to change in their immediate communities.

"now is the time for action, not talk," said brandi n. williams, apr, founder of the juice crü. "our movement will ignite the people using lifestyle tools like social media and hip hop culture; but it's more than that. we will train leaders. our leadership training program is structured to address the issues plaguing our community from two aspects: policy change and personal responsibility. our program will address both personal responsibility and advocacy. we have developed into a culture that i like to refer to as drunk and dependent. we have to change that and realize that we have work to do and that doing that work AND holding others accountable is the only way we will  improve our quality of life and achieve human and civil rights for all.”

by the end of september, williams says the juice crü  will have groups trained in key states to the mid-term elections. these teams will begin the GOTV movement.  additionally, there will be teams working to bring resources and programs to the community to address the social and emotional needs of communities of color.

what's next?