system shakers tee


system shakers tee

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system shakers music make speakers tremble. community system shakers create change using personal and collective power. the system shakers shirt honors both the music and the people. it honors the struggle and power in black and brown communities by recognizing the work of the #blackpantherparty. each tour city represents a city where the black panthers put in that work!

Available in short-sleeve, tank and sweatshirt.

Women's tee is printed in black and gray on Bella Canvas Women's Favorite Tee.

Women's tank is printed in  gray on Bella Canvas Women's Flowy Racerback Tank.

Women's sweatshirt is printed in gray on Bella Canvas Women's Sponge Fleece Wide Neck Sweatshirt.

 Men's tee is printed on Bella Canvas Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve.

 Men's sweatshirt is printed in gray on Unisex Sponge Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt.


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