who is juice crü?

we are the next generation of civil and human rights leaders. we have power to change our communities.

we do good.

we have a voice.

we have a vote.

we have power.

we got juice!

our programs

#ugotjuice women's leadership development program

#ugotjuice women's leadership develop program is a leadership development program for women, with a special focus on minority women, in the Charlotte- Mecklenburg community. The 12-week program teaches participants how to lead grassroots social movements to create community change. The class will accept up to 10 women. Using the Roadmap to Social Change as the guide, the program will lead participants on a path of personal discovery, introduce them to local, state and regional issues, present them with resources to increase their social capital and require them to use what they've learned by implementing a social movement aligned with their interest alone or with others in their cohort.

Interested in applying? Email